Connecticut Valley Tobacconist is the largest retailer of fine cigars in the Connecticut River Valley the source of the world's finest wrapper tobacco. With over four hundred different cigar brands to choose from, CVT offers the most complete line of cigars and accessories available. We carry all the popular and hard to find cigars such as Padron, Arturo Fuente, Ashton, and Macanudo to name a few. In addition to cigars, CVT has the largest selection of handcrafted pipes and imported tobacco blends to choose from. We carry prestigious brands such as Peterson, Savinelli, Cristom and Dunhill. We also carry an impressive variety of inexpensive domestic and imported pipes, too! Savinelli 
						   Humidors are always a popular gift idea suitable for holidays, birthdays and wedding favors. Come check out our large selection. You'll be sure to find the right humidor at substantial savings.

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Passive Cigar Humidifiers

Here is a sampling of our most popular humidifiers..
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Ci Gel


Patented super absorbent polymer crystals form the basis for Ci-Gel cigar humidifier jar. No chemicals required, no guessing, no mess. Simply remove the cap and place the 2 oz. Ci-Gel container into your humidor to provide lasting humidification. To refill, simply add distilled water. Food safe and cigar friendly. Suggested use, one jar per 25 cigars.

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Cigar Humidifier $8.95
Perfect for small humidors, cigar boxes and small travel humidors. This humidifier will maintain 25 large cigars. Unit size: 2.5" x .225. Comes complete with large secure magnetic mount.

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Savinelli Humidity Control System $44.95
Europe's most popular passive humidifier.  Will maintain up to 50 cigars. Secure magnetic mount. Approx. Size 6.5" x 3" x .50".  Made in Italy

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Ashton Humidifier $39.95

The first and only type of humidification unit that uses either distilled or tap water. Sleek design, results guaranteed! The Ashton Humidification System is a major improvement to the traditional foam system used by other manufacturers of humidification units and humidors. The black foam inside the device was originally designed for the medical industry and holds 20 times its volume in moisture. Since the foam was originally designed for medical uses, it is very "pure" thereby reducing the chance of impurities or minerals building up in the foam. This is important to avoid when aging and storing cigars. The Ashton Humidification foam has a much longer life than previously used humidification foams and will not crumble and disintegrate as it ages. Ashton also uses a very strong, high quality magnet, so when the humidification device is heavy with water, it will not fall off the inside top of your humidor when the lid is closed. Size approx: 6"w x 3.25h x 1" thick (with magnet attached).

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Drymistat Humidifier Tube $8.95
Advanced plastic tube that allows humidity to escape through micro-pores while holding water in. Maintains 70% humidity in well-sealed humidor. Just add tap water (distilled- recommended). Suggested use is one tube per 25 cigars.

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Deluxe Cigar Humidifier

As the #1 selling luxury cigar humidor in the world, Elie Blue's name has become synonymous with fine quality and meticulous craftsmanship. It is from this heritage that the inspiration for this luxurious facsimile cigar accessories was created. Everything you need to keep your cigars properly humidified is included in this humidifier. Unique oversized magnet attachment system holds the humidifier in place. A sturdy metal plate with strong adhesive backing is included for attachment to the underside lid of the humidor. Capacity 25 to 200 cigar humidor. Humidifier measures approx. 6.25" x 3" x .50"

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Diamond Crown Cigar Humidifier $54.95
The patent pending Diamond Crown Humidification System has a revolutionary water reservoir with wicking material. Fully adjustable stainless steel vents control the humidity level in you humidor. Requires no chemicals.  Capable of maintaining 100 cigars. Comes in nice gift box..


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Diamond Crown Cigar Humidifier x2


Same unit as above, but for a quantity of two for large humidors holding 200 cigars. 


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