Collection: Battleground Cigars

Battleground Cigars was founded in Hazardville CT by Michael Tarnowicz in 2000. We are a boutique cigar created with the beautiful history of our home state Connecticut and our vast surroundings of U.S. History.

We are an honest family-owned business, wanting to create an authentic CT cigar leaf and premium filler cigar. Our theme is simple, our countries US Civil War history and CT tobacco History, combined to create a unique boutique cigar that will know will be up to premium standards.

We are a small company, but we are growing and evolving so that we may bring you a different smoking experience from the norm. We bring everything from traditional Ct Shade and Broadleaf wrapper to Corojo Maduro, Brazilian, and Nicaraguan wrapper, to the very different Bourbon and Irish Whiskey Infused and Louisiana perique blended premium cigars.